1936 - Bower Federal Credit Union chartered on August 28 (148 members)

1937 - First Annual Meeting held on January 17

1955 - First monthly newsletter issued in February

1957 - Credit Union moves to new building at 12720 Warren Ave, Detroit, MI

1965 - Credit Union pays first semi-annual dividend, Credit Union name changes to Federal Mogul Employees Federal Credit Union

1966 - Members serviced from Federal Mogul World Headquarters in Southfield, MI on a part time basis, First Christmas Club account opened

1971 - Credit Union pays first quarterly dividend

1972 - Credit Union's field of membership expanded to include members at out-of-state Federal Mogul plant locations in Los Alamitos, CA, Macomb, IL, Frankfort, IN, Malden, MO, Van Wert, OH, and Blacksburg, VA

1975 - Credit Union moves to leased building at 29286 Van Dyke, Warren, MI

1976 - Share Draft Checking program implemented, Credit Union begins accepting Direct Deposit of Social Security payments

1982 - Branch Office opens in Los Alamitos, CA on a part time basis; Main Office moves to building at 21103 Gratiot Ave, East Detroit, MI

1985 - Credit Union name changes to FME Federal Credit Union

1986 - Branch Office opens in Malden, MO

1989 - Branch Office opens in Blacksburg, VA

1990 - Branch Office opens in Jacksonville, AL

1993 - Credit Union moves Main Office to 29624 Harper Ave, St. Clair Shores, MI, Branch Office opens in Van Wert, OH

1994 - Branch Office opens in Summerton, SC

1998 - Branch Office opens in Macomb, IL

2001 - Branch Office opens in Frankfort, IN

2005 - Branch Office opens in Smithville, TN, Branch Office opens in Skokie, IL

2006 - Branch Office in Malden, MO moves from inside Federal-Mogul building into free-standing building

2007 - New ATM installed at Skokie, IL location; Branch Office opens in Sedalia, MO

2008 - New ATM installed in Arrowhead facility in Los Alamitos, CA

2009 - Summerton Branch Office re-locates to Manning SC

NMLS# 808257

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